Amtico Training Academy

Amtico chooses F. Ball for new training academy installation

Products such as Stopgap 300 HD levelling compound and Stopgap P131 general purpose primer have been used to create a ‘textbook perfect’ flooring finish as part of a refurbishment to create a brand new Amtico training academy in Coventry.

Firstly, ceramic tiles were removed from the existing concrete subfloor along with remaining adhesive. A moisture test was then carried out to determine if the subfloor was dry enough to receive floorcoverings. The test indicated that relative humidity (RH) levels in the subfloor were below 75%, and therefore dry enough to continue with the installation without the application of a waterproof surface membrane.

Before the application of a levelling compound, Stopgap P131 general purpose primer was used to help promote adhesion and inhibit the unacceptably rapid drying of subsequently applied levelling compounds or floor adhesives.

Stopgap 300 HD a heavy-duty, fast drying levelling compound was then applied at a thickness of 3mm to the prepared subfloor, to create a perfectly smooth surface ready to receive the Amtico floorcoverings.

Slate-effect luxury vinyl tiles with beveled edges were then installed over approximately half of the floor area using a solvent-free, temperature tolerant vinyl adhesive with pressure sensitive characteristics. The pressure sensitive qualities of the adhesive meant that floorcoverings were held securely in place whilst the fitter arranged the complex design of different shaped vinyl tiles.

Finally, entryway matting was installed over 50 percent of the remaining area of the prepared subfloor. Light-grey, PVC-backed carpet tiles were installed on the other half of the prepared subfloor.

Commenting on the project, Andy Heath, the main instructor working on the job, said: “The job went extremely well. The end result had to be perfect because it’s the Amtico training centre, and the reception is the first thing people see as they walk in. F. Ball’s products helped us create a high-quality finish, quickly. Stopgap 300 HD is like no other heavy-duty levelling compound I’ve used before. Some heavy-duty levelling compounds are quite difficult to level out. Stopgap 300 HD flows easily.”