Birmingham City Hospital

Ante-natal clinic gets the right treatment with Styccobond F44

The swift support offered by F. Ball’s expert technical team enabled flooring contractors to easily select and apply the ideal Styccobond adhesives and Stopgap subfloor preparation products at an ante-natal clinic for Birmingham’s City Hospital.

F. Ball conducted extensive on-site moisture tests before recommending the use of Stopgap P131 primer for both the 650m clinic and a 200m MRI Scanning room. Priming helped control the absorption and improve the adhesion of the Stopgap Green Bag smoothing underlayment, recommended for its fast setting properties and suitability in heavy duty applications.

Styccobond F44 was then trowel applied on two types of vinyl – one for each room – to give a high bond strength, strong initial tack and a long open time. Styccobond F61 heavy-duty contact adhesive was then used to secure skirting.