British Cardiovascular Society

F. Ball gives a new lease of life to London office space

Adhesives from leading manufacturer of subfloor preparation products, F. Ball and Co. Ltd., have been used to deliver a high quality flooring refurbishment of the British Cardiovascular Society offices in Fitzrovia, London. H.I.S. Contracts, also based in London, used a combination of Styccobond F3, a high strength flooring adhesive, and Styccobond F40, a solvent-free water-based adhesive, to give a new lease of life to the 600m2 office space.

The existing carpet in the building was tired and threadbare, and was removed to make way for updated, fit-for-purpose floorcoverings. Once removed, a new rubber underlay was installed over the timber floorboarded subfloor, using Styccobond F40 high tack adhesive to secure it. By leaving the adhesive to dry to a tacky coating before installing the underlay, it forms a release bond which enables the entire floorcovering installation to be easily removed at the end of its lifetime without causing significant damage to the subfloor. Once the underlay was in place, contractors used Styccobond F3 adhesive to permanently bond a bespoke woven Axminster carpet over the underlay.

David Mills, Director of H.I.S. Contracts, commented: “F. Ball products are constantly reliable, and I can always depend on them to get the job done. Since the beginning of my career I have recognised F. Ball as a market leader, and I continue to use F. Ball products today because not only are they an established and trusted brand for flooring products, but I also get excellent technical support from my F. Ball representative. With F. Ball I know that, whatever the nature of the job, I can be confident of a high standard, professional finish.”