Dreamland Amusement Park

F. Ball products just the ticket for funfair refit

A range of high performance floor preparation products from F. Ball and Co. Ltd. have been used in refurbishment work at Dreamland; Britain’s oldest amusement park, situated in Margate. Flooring contractors used Stopgap Green Bag smoothing underlayment and Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane to create a high quality floor finish in the retail area of the amusement park, ready for the installation of new Forbo linoleum floorcoverings.

Commenting on the use of F. Ball products at Dreamland, Dean Finch of Hi-Spec Flooring said: “The products performed excellently as usual. We use F. Ball products a lot, and we always have done. We have a great relationship with their sales rep; he is always available to help us find the products we need for a particular job. Having that kind of support makes us more than happy to use their products regularly.”

Hi-Spec Flooring were contracted to refurbish the main retail area at Dreamland. To be ready for the park’s launch, contractors were asked to complete the job as quickly as possible so that the retail area could open in time.

Before any new floorcoverings could be installed, contractors first had to level and smooth the rough surface that had been left after the old substrate had been removed. After priming the subfloor, Stopgap Green Bag & 114 Liquid smoothing underlayment was installed at a depth of 3mm to provide a smooth, even surface for the installation of a suitable waterproof surface membrane.

Contractors then applied Stopgap F77 one-coat waterproof surface membrane to impede the passage of subfloor moisture, preventing it from adversely affecting the installation.

It is crucial that contractors have rapid setting waterproof surface membranes at their disposal when conducting fast-track projects, as the consequences of not installing one can be severe. If a suitable waterproof surface membrane isn’t installed prior to the installation of new floorcoverings, residual construction moisture or rising damp can cause a significant amount of damage to both the floorcoverings and the adhesive used to secure them. In many cases, the result is total floor failure.

Once the waterproof surface membrane had cured, contractors primed the surface with Stopgap P131 General Purpose Primer before installing another 3mm of Stopgap Green Bag 114 smoothing underlayment to further raise floor levels and to provide a smooth surface for the installation of new floorcoverings.

Stopgap Green Bag 114 is a general purpose, low-odour, smoothing underlayment, suitable for use in light to heavy-duty applications and over a wide range of subfloor types. It has excellent self-smoothing properties, meaning that minimal work with a trowel is required, and it can be walk on hard in just 90 minutes.