Electronics Factory

F. Ball takes things one bay at a time at electronics factory

A comprehensive package of F. Ball products specified for a 9250m² flooring installation at the regional headquarters of a world leader in electronics manufacturing services, helped contractors to meet the technical challenges presented by the scale and logistics of the project.

The flooring contractors were required to carry out the floor preparation and floorcovering installation work in phases. This ensured that only one of the six manufacturing bays at the facility was out of action at one time, thereby minimising disruption to factory operations.

After shot blasting the existing subfloor, which showed signs of dampness in some parts, the first stage of floor preparation for each area was the application of Stopgap waterproof surface membrane to provide an effective vapour barrier.

Each area was then primed with Stopgap P131 prior to the application of Stopgap 300 HD. This rapid hardening, water mix smoothing underlayment with high initial compressive strength prepares the area for heavy duty trafficking.

The final stage for the floor laying team was to secure Toro EL vinyl-backed conductive floor tiles from Tarkett. This was achieved using Styccobond F57 conductive flooring adhesive, which offers excellent working characteristics in the form of high bond strength and long open time.