Evans Halshaw, West Bromwich

F. Ball’s Styccobond F49 adhesive drives Evans Halshaw to the perfect floor finish

Selected for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS vinyl adhesive has helped to take the floors up a gear in the West Bromwich showroom of leading automotive retailer, Evans Halshaw.

Used to install a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor finish, Styccobond F49 is specially designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, the likes of which would be regularly encountered in glass-fronted buildings such as car showrooms. To combat these conditions, Styccobond F49’s temperature-tolerant properties made it the perfect choice of adhesive.

Applied by flooring contractors to the 350m2 area for the installation of the luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), Styccobond F49 combines temperature tolerance with pressure sensitive qualities and as such, has good initial tack and high bond strength. This holds vinyl sheet, tiles or planks firmly in place once positioned by the contractor and, when cured, the bond will securely hold vinyl floorcoverings from temperatures as low as -20°C up to 60°C.

Prior to installation of LVTs, the dealership floor was previously made up of securely fixed ceramic tiles. Following a full site assessment undertaken by F. Ball, the contractors were advised to take up any loose or cracked tiles and use Styccoclean C140 floor cleaner to remove grease and other contaminants before filling in the gaps with Stopgap 400 Rapid Hardening Repair Compound.

Stopgap P141, an acrylic primer for non-absorbent subfloors, was applied over the original ceramic tiles, to help promote the adhesion of the levelling compound to the subfloor.

Once the primer had dried, Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound was then applied to the entire area using screed rakes and floats, before the installation of the new LVT flooring.

Commenting on the project, R F Forbes Flooring director, Richard Forbes, said: “I’ve been in the flooring industry for decades and I’ve walked away from every F. Ball job very happy. Our technical representative Matt went above and beyond to help us out in any way he could, and the service provided to me and my co-leader, Rod Farquharson, was absolutely second to none.”