Hounslow United Football Club

F. Ball Help Install Premier League Flooring in Charity Football Club Build

Flooring preparation products donated by F. Ball have been used to install high-quality floorcoverings in an upstairs function room in the newly-built clubhouse at CB Hounslow United Football Club, in Middlesex.

Stopgap 1100 Gypsum, a calcium sulphate-based levelling compound, Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier were used to install a combination of wood-effect vinyl sheet and carpet tiles over an anhydrite screed. Flooring contractors undertook the installation free-of-charge because of the football club’s support for local community initiatives.

The contractors used a rotary sanding machine to remove laitance from the newly-installed anhydrite screed subfloor to prepare the surface ahead of the application of a levelling compound. A moisture test was also carried out, and it was determined that the subfloor was dry enough to receive floorcoverings without the requirement of a waterproof surface membrane.

It is essential to prime newly installed subfloors before the application of Stopgap 1100 Gypsum. Stopgap P121 acrylic primer is specially formulated to promote adhesion between anhydrite screeds and calcium sulphate based levelling compounds.

Stopgap 1100 Gypsum, which is designed especially for use over calcium sulphate screeds was then applied to create a perfectly smooth surface ahead of the installation of the floorcoverings. The compound required minimal work with a trowel to attain a smooth finish and a spiked roller was used to dispel trapped air and smooth out flow lines to give a more uniform surface appearance. 24 hours later the compound was ready to receive floorcoverings.

Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier was then used to install high-quality, bitumen-backed Desso carpet tiles to create a border around the perimeter of the function room, covering approximately half of the 200m2 area of the function room floor. Styccobond F41 was applied using a roller and allowed to dry to a clear, tacky film before laying the carpet tiles in position. The permanently tacky film prevents loose-lay carpet tiles from moving under normal foot traffic, but allows individual tiles to be quickly removed or replaced if they become worn or damaged.

Lastly, wood-effect, Tarkett vinyl sheet floorcoverings were installed over the middle section of the floor using Styccobond F46 solvent-free, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The contractor spread the adhesive evenly over the subfloor using a trowel and allowed it to dry to a firm tack before laying the vinyl sheet in place and rolling with a floor roller. Styccobond F46 offers excellent initial tack as well as high bond strength. It is also designed to reduce the incidence of trowel serrations shadowing through thin vinyl flooring.

Craig Gargan, of Middlesex Floors, said: “We were really happy to contribute to improving Hounslow United F.C. The club does a lot to support the local community, including training children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We received great support from F. Ball throughout the job, including with the site survey and moisture testing. As usual, using their products meant that it was straightforward and there were no problems.”