ITV Studios, Cardiff

F Ball provides a primetime finish for ITV Studios

A range of F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s high performance floor levelling compounds and smoothing underlayments have been used to create a high quality, professional floor finish at the new ITV News Studios, at Assembly Square, in Cardiff Bay. Stopgap 600 Base and Stopgap 300 HD were used by AMG Flooring Ltd to prepare the 125m2 area, before Styccobond F54 was used to adhere DLW linoleum, providing an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish, suitable to house ITV Cymru Wales’ news, programmes and production facilities.

The existing site, which needed to be completely refurbished to make the necessary space available for television production, had raised-access panel flooring. These raised panels were removed by AMG Flooring Ltd. in order to give more height to accommodate cameras in the new studios. The existing subfloor beneath the panels was found to be in poor condition, however, a moisture measurement test found that the surface did not require a damp proof membrane.

Contactors pump-applied 50mm of Stopgap 600 Base to level the existing subfloor, preparing the area to receive a smoothing underlayment. Stopgap 600 is ideal for raising floor levels quickly and economically, and sets in as little as three hours. Stopgap 300 HD heavy-duty smoothing underlayment was then used to prepare the area to receive the linoleum floorcovering. Stopgap 300 HD is a water mix underlayment, which offers excellent self-levelling properties and is designed for use in light to heavy-duty areas.

Finally, Styccobond F54 was used to adhere the DLW linoleum to the subfloor. A non-flammable, synthetic rubber emulsion adhesive, Styccobond F54 provides a high initial grab and is protected against biodegradation.

Tony Gibbs, of AMG Flooring Ltd., said: “I frequently use F. Ball products, because they’re so reliable. When it comes to a tried and tested adhesive like F54, I know exactly what I’m going to get. I’ve also got a good relationship with our F. Ball regional representative and manager, and it’s great to know that they’re on our side if we ever need their advice or support.”