Stopgap Fill and Prime bags perfect results at Net-a-Porter offices

Stopgap Fill and Prime, a two component, fast drying and flexible cement based primer from F. Ball and Co. Ltd., has been used to create a smooth subfloor surface prior to the installation of carpet tiles and vinyl floorcoverings, as part of the refurbishment of the Net-a-porter offices on Wood Lane, London.

O’Sullivan Flooring, were subcontracted to install 2,500m2 of flooring in a total refurbishment of the office space that had formerly been used as a BBC television studio.  When contractors arrived on the site, the old floorcoverings had already been taken up to reveal a subfloor of raised access metal panels.

The regional F. Ball representative advised contractors to use Stopgap Fill and Prime to fill in the gaps between the raised access panels and create a smooth, even and primed subfloor prior to the application of the subsequent smoothing underlayment.

Stopgap Fill and Prime is a cement based primer suitable for use over raised access panels and flooring grades of plywood, chipboard, MDF and OSB. It has been designed to have a thixotropic consistency which enables joints between adjacent panels to be filled prior to the direct application of Stopgap 700 Superflex on wood substrates or Stopgap 1200 Pro Smoothing Underlayment on raised access panels.

Applied up to a thickness of 1mm, Stopgap Fill and Prime, sets rapidly and is ready to receive foot traffic in as little as 60 minutes. Once cured, the flexible nature of the product will accommodate movement within the substrate. It offers exceptional adhesion to a wide range of other subfloor types including Stopgap waterproof surface membranes, sand/cement screed, concrete, sound asphalt, granolithic, terrazzo, epoxy and polyurethane resins, ceramic and quarry tiles.

Kevin O’Sullivan of O’Sullivan Flooring, said: “We always use F. Ball products; they enable us to create a successful, long lasting floor finish. We are really pleased that our F. Ball representative recommended that we use Stopgap Fill and Prime for the refurbishment of the Net-a-Porter offices; it provided the perfect solution for the installation of floorcoverings over the raised access panel subfloor.”