NHS Hangar 113 Bicester

F. Ball Salutes the NHS

F. Ball is helping to support frontline NHS workers as part of SalutetheNHS.org, a major non-profit initiative, which aims to provide one million nutritious, free meals to these vital NHS staff as they fight the coronavirus pandemic and to those infected and self-isolating at home. Specifically, F. Ball has donated floor preparation materials and flooring adhesive to install temporary flooring at a former aircraft hangar in Bicester that has been transformed into a food distribution centre.

The business-led initiative brings together a group of leading food, logistics, packaging and other specialists including supermarket giant Tesco, which has donated the food for the meals. The ‘BOOST’ meals will be fulfilled at the purpose-designed facility in ‘Hangar 113’.

The installation of vinyl safety flooring over a 1,500 m2 area of the hangar was undertaken by John Butler Contracts.

Because the hangar is a designated heritage building, only minimal preparation work could be undertaken on the building’s existing concrete floor before the vinyl floorcovering was installed. After sweeping clear the floor area, JB Contracts installers used Stopgap 460 Exterior Rapid Repair Compound to fill in a small number of damaged areas of the subfloor.

Contractors then installed multiple sections of Stopgap Isolator Membrane over the entire 1,500 m2 floor area, securing abutting sheets of the membrane with Stopgap Jointing Tape.

Stopgap Isolator Membrane is an impervious laminated sheet that is designed to provide a moisture barrier to damp subfloors, which cannot be prepared using alternative, liquid based solutions due to contamination or the need to be returned to its original state afterwards.

The JB Contracts team installed Gerflor Tarasafe vinyl safety flooring over the isolator membrane, using Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive to firmly bond it in position. Adjacent vinyl sheets were then welded together to prevent water ingress, with plastic trims fitted to the edges and adhered to the concrete subfloor using double-sided tape.

Commenting on the project, F. Ball Managing Director Mark Hughes said: “We’re delighted to be involved in such a fantastic initiative as SalutetheNHS.org, helping to support the incredible work of the doctors and nurses putting themselves on the line as they battle through the coronavirus crisis.”