Secombe Theatre, Surrey

Styccobond F46 takes centre stage at theatre

Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic flooring adhesive proved highly successful during the installation of vinyl flooring onto a non-absorbent subfloor at the Secombe Theatre in Surrey.

The main performance venue within the London Borough of Sutton, the theatre has undergone major refurbishment, which called for new flooring in various public areas. After stripping the power floated concrete subfloor, it was prepared with the fast-setting smoothing underlayment, Stopgap Green Bag, which was mixed with 114 liquid latex. The application of adhesive then commenced.

Styccobond F46 was applied and allowed to dry to a permanently tacky film which gave maximum flexibility when laying vinyl strips. Other key working characteristics that benefited the flooring contractor included bond strength, which increases as pressure is applied, and reduced grin through.