Sheden Interiors


Faced with some 3,000m² of very rough concrete floor to prepare for floor laying, Shedon Interiors Ltd opted for the speed and cost-effectiveness of F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s Stopgap 600 Base, a deep section compound.

The area concerned, which was over three floors in a research laboratory in West London, was prepared and primed before the application of Stopgap 600 to an average depth of 10 – 12 mm. “Anything else would have to have been applied much thicker,” says Shedon’s Len Webb. “We completed the area in a week, just what was required,” he adds.

Stopgap 600 is a base compound designed for use where floor levels need to be raised quickly and economically. It can then be capped with Stopgap  200 and 300 smoothing underlayments. Dimensionally stable with high compressive strength, it is suitable for applications from 5 mm to 50 mm.

The screeding was carried out to allow the installation of partitioning and the like to commence. Shedon’s will eventually complete the installation by applying a further 3mm thick underlayment before securing Altro sheet vinyl in laboratories and carpet tiles in office and administration areas.

Shedon Interiors were working as specialist flooring contractors to main contractors Walter Lilly.