Southfields Veterinary

F. Ball proves to be the top dog at new veterinary centre

F. Ball’s Stopgap Fill and Prime thixotropic primer and Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound have delivered a fast-track solution for installing floorcoverings in one of the largest small-animal referral hospitals in Europe.

Flooring contractors installed vinyl safety flooring and luxury vinyl tiles throughout a total area of 1100m2 at Southfields Veterinary Centre, in Basildon, Essex.

Requiring a timesaving solution for working over chipboard as an alternative to overboarding with plywood, the contractors contacted their regional F. Ball technical representative, who advised preparing subfloors with Stopgap Fill and Prime prior to the application of a suitable levelling compound.

Stopgap Fill and Prime is a cement-based primer that is designed for use over raised-access panels and flooring grades of plywood, chipboard, MDF and oriented strand board (OSB 3). It has a thixotropic consistency, meaning that it flows freely when stirred but sets to a gel-like consistency on standing, enabling it to fill gaps between panels to prevent imperfections transferring to the finished installation.

Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound was then applied in all areas to create a perfectly smooth base for floorcoverings. The product is fast-setting and fast-drying and can also be applied over old adhesive residues, in which case there is no need to prime subfloors beforehand.

Polyflor vinyl safety flooring was installed in the treatment rooms using Styccobond F44 solvent-free acrylic emulsion adhesive, which is designed to give a strong initial tack, high bond strength and a long open time.

In the canteen, Forbo Allura Flex Wood luxury vinyl tiles were adhered using Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive adhesive, which provides instant grab, preventing floorcoverings from sliding as tiles or planks are subsequently placed. The adhesive is designed to minimise the incidence of trowel serrations showing through thin vinyl flooring and potentially affecting the finished appearance of the installation. Styccobond F46 was also used to secure Polyflor vinyl safety flooring in the corridors connecting the treatment rooms.

Capping and coving were installed in the corridors using Styccobond F60 contact adhesive. The formation of an instant bond makes it suitable for securing floor and wallcoverings on vertical surfaces.

Commenting on the project, Ben Montgomery, head of projects at Veatu Flooring, said: “While we use a lot of F. Ball products and they’re our first choice because of their quality and availability, it’s the first time we’ve used the tech rep service. They came out and provided a tailored specification for the project we were working on, which ended up saving us a lot of time and expense.”

Before any floor preparation work was carried out a moisture test was conducted, which determined that subfloor moisture levels were low enough that a moisture management solution was not needed.