St. George’s Hospital, Tooting


F. Ball’s high performance subfloor preparation products have been used in the refurbishment of a 1500m² library floor at Saint George’s Hospital, a leading teaching hospital in Tooting, London. Stopgap Green Bag, latex-free smoothing underlayment, provided a durable, smooth surface to optimise the appearance and longevity of the final floor coverings. Its protein-free and low odour formulation makes it ideal for use in clinical and biologically sensitive environments, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. A range of Ball adhesives were also selected to ensure optimum adhesion of the final floorcoverings to the newly regenerated subfloor.

Stopgap P131, a general purpose neoprene primer, was applied directly to the subfloor to promote the adhesion of the smoothing underlayment. Stopgap Green Bag, with accompanying 114 Liquid was then installed onto the primed subfloor surface at a thickness of 8-9mm to build a level, durable surface on which the final floorcovering could be laid. Offering a high compressive strength, Stopgap Green Bag is ideal for heavy-duty areas such as the hospital library floor.

Allowing the installation of the smoothing underlayment, Styccobond F41 carpet tile tackifier, was used to secure the chosen carpet tiles in place. Combining high shear strength with low peel adhesion, high tack systems reduce lateral movement of the floorcovering when subjected to footfall, and allow the tiles to be easily lifted and replaced. Styccobond F46 acrylic adhesive was also used to fix the Polyflor Mystique vinyl floorcovering to the subfloor. A solvent free, pressure sensitive adhesive, F46 dries to a permanent tack and benefits from an indefinite open time, helping to maintain the long-term performance of the floorcovering. Designed specifically for vinyl floorcoverings, the product minimises the effect of adhesive shadowing through the floor surface for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Matthew Goodchild, Commercial Manager at MG Flooring, explains: “Due to the work being carried out in a live area, we were under strict time constraints. I use Ball products regularly and knew they would be the best for the job, creating a biologically safe and durable flooring for the hospital. I often call F. Ball for advice and can always trust their products to minimise installation time and create a hard wearing and resilient floor.”