Stanhope Primary School, Middlesex


The speed, ease of use and rapid drying time of Stopgap 600 Base, a deep section base compound, has enabled the installation of a new floorcovering in a school conversion to be completed in just one week.

The floorcovering was installed at Stanhope Primary School as part of the establishment of a new nursery school within the existing buildings. The existing vinyl floorcovering was removed, along with remaining adhesive residue.

Beneath the vinyl was a composite wood block floor which was also removed. The cavity was primed with Stopgap P131 neoprene primer and then filled with Stopgap 600 Base to a depth of 25 mm. This deep section compound provides a quick and economical method for raising floor levels. After priming, the next step was the application of a 5mm layer of Stopgap 300 HD heavy duty smoothing underlayment, the excellent self-smoothing characteristics of which provided an ideal surface to receive new the vinyl floorcovering.

The new floorcovering, in the form of Polyflor Ltd’s Polysafe Standard, was then secured using Styccobond F46 solvent-free, pressure sensitive adhesive which is specially designed to dry to a permanently tacky film to facilitate the installation of vinyl floorcoverings.