The Building Centre, London


Stopgap 600 deep section base compound and Stopgap 700 Superflex smoothing underlayment provided a simple, quick and cost-effective solution to floor levelling as part of a major refurbishment at The Building Centre in Store Street, London.

In order to accommodate new seminar and exhibition areas, some 350m² of the Centre were being refurbished. Over the years, new floors had been laid in small partitioned areas. Removal of the partitions revealed approximately 10 different levels of floor surfaces across the area.

Stopgap 600 was laid to depths of up to 15mm to correct these floor levels, and after drying, was coated with P131 neoprene primer before the application of Stopgap 300 heavy-duty smoothing underlayment.

Stopgap 600 is designed for use under Stopgap 100, 200 and 300 smoothing underlayments. It is dimensionally stable and employs the latest in rapid drying technology, making it ready to receive the appropriate smoothing underlayment after just three hours.

Stopgap 700 was used as a skim coat to build up new plywood sections laid in display areas. This rapid dry, flexible, fibre-reinforced smoothing underlayment has excellent self-levelling properties and it is designed specifically for use over plywood subfloors.