Stopgap 200 Smooth No longer available

Acrylic Floor Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap 200 Powder Mixed with Stopgap 200 Acrylic Liquid

A fast setting acrylic floor smoothing underlayment, designed for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. The Stopgap 200 acrylic liquid is protein free making it suitable for application in biologically sensitive areas. Application can be to a maximum of 15mm unfilled and a minimum thickness of 3mm. It can be smoothed to a feathered-edge and used in conjunction with Stopgap Graded Aggregate for greater thickness.

Gauging LiquidStopgap 200 Acrylic Liquid
Subfloor TypeAbsorbent & Non-Absorbent
TraffickingHeavy-Duty Interior Areas