Styccobond F66

Solvent Free Contact Adhesive

A solvent free, low odour adhesive ideal for fixing to vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The adhesive should be applied by notched spreader and/or sponge applicator, it has a long open time and can be reactivated by heat.

Marine Certified Tested to the standards of the International Marine Organisation and approved for use in marine floor installations.

Flooring TypeBacking Type
Coving and SkirtingMineral Felt, PVC Foam and PVC
Vinyl/PVC Sheet and TileMineral Felt, PVC Foam and PVC
Linoleum Sheet and TileJute/Hessian and Polyester
Rubber Sheet and TileRubber
Carpet Sheet and TileSecondary, Foam, Felt, Fibre Bonded, PVC, Unitary, Woven and Bitumen/Felt
CorkCork and PVC