Ask the expert: How do you deal with a poor quality screed?

F. Ball's experts offer an option to digging up and replacing a weak or poorly compacted screed.

As any experienced flooring contractor knows, finding a subfloor in a poor condition is a headache you just don’t want. If a screed is poorly compacted or weak, it may require complete removal, which can cause a lengthy delay to an installation, not to mention significant added cost. If the screed also contains an underfloor heating system, the impact is even greater.

Fortunately, in many cases there is a quick and cost-effective solution that doesn’t require the existing subfloor to be removed.

Surface reinforcement systems

Surface reinforcement systems, such as F. Ball’s Stopgap SRS, are designed to rapidly stabilise and reinforce weak or poorly compacted screeds.

Stopgap SRS is a solvent-free, low viscosity, two component epoxy resin surface reinforcement system. It can be applied over both sand/cement and calcium sulphate screeds, including screeds that contain piped underfloor heating systems.

Simple application

The liquid is simply poured on to the subfloor and spread out with a soft, rubber squeegee. A number of applications may be required, until no more material is being absorbed by the floor.

Stopgap SRS rapidly penetrates weak and friable screeds, filling gaps and cracks, and binding loose particles together. This creates a stronger, more stable surface, which will then form a sound base on which to continue with the floor installation.

Stopgap SRS can also be used over certain screeds that contain a significant amount of construction moisture, or where there is no effective damp proof membrane in place.

Fast setting

Stopgap SRS has a fast setting time, which means that screeds can be reinstated overnight. This allows contractors to minimise the disruption that can be caused by a badly weakened screed; a particularly useful feature for when deadlines are tight.


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