F. Ball goes green with new recyclable plastic bottles

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing plastic waste, F. Ball is replacing its traditional 5 litre plastic bottles with 100% recyclable versions that are themselves made from recycled plastic.

The new bottles, which are manufactured from 95-98% recycled high density polyethylene (rHDPE), can be disposed of through the normal waste disposal chain to be recycled. The material can be recycled up to ten times, and in making the switch to recycled plastic, F. Ball will remove over 100 tonnes of virgin plastic material from the waste stream every year.

Commenting on the introduction of the recycled bottles, F. Ball Managing Director Mark Hughes said: “In replacing our five litre bottles with the recycled versions, we have gone to great lengths testing and assessing these new bottles to ensure they are as strong and robust as their predecessors and maintain the quality levels customers expect from F. Ball. It is also important that we can guarantee the products they contain reach the end user in perfect condition.

“Changing product packaging, especially when it’s become known as a symbol of high quality, is never something you do lightly, but the benefits of making the change are obvious. We’ve discussed the proposed change with contractors and wholesalers and the overwhelming consensus is that reducing plastic packaging waste is something that everybody instinctively knows is the right thing to do.”

The new recycled packaging will start to appear in wholesalers from this month.