Loyalty Scheme Offers

Win a battery pack/jump start kit for those cold morning starts and claim cashback on F. ball products.

Cashback offers:

Up to 31st March 2017, loyalty card members can get up to 5% cashback on purchases of F. Ball products.

All products qualify for a 2.5% cashback.


Purchases of the following adhesives also qualify for an additional 2.5% cashback:

Styccobond F46 – Pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive

Styccobond F48 PLUS – High temperature, fibre-reinforced vinyl adhesive

Styccobond F49 – New Hybrid PS temperature tolerant vinyl adhesive

So purchases of any of these three adhesives qualify for a fantastic 5% cashback if you’re a loyalty card member.


Don’t be left out in the cold this winter

Loyalty card members also have the chance to win one of fifteen battery pack/jump starters in the current F. Ball loyalty card scheme competition. Free to enter for loyalty scheme members, just go to the www.f-ballrewards.co.uk website for your chance to win.


Sign up or Activate your membership

To be eligible for Loyalty Scheme offers and competitions you need to be a member of the F. Ball Loyalty Card scheme and have activated your Loyalty Card at the F. Ball rewards website www.f-ballrewards.co.uk


Free to join

The F. Ball Loyalty Card scheme is completely free to join and it only takes a minute to fill in your details. Join now and claim your reward.