Product Focus: Stopgap F78

For this month’s product focus, we put F. Ball’s waterproof surface membrane, Stopgap F78, in the spotlight.

What is it?

Stopgap F78 is a solvent free, one component, ready-to-use system that dries rapidly to provide a waterproof surface membrane. It is suitable for relative humidity (RH) levels up to 95%.

Where is it used?

On flooring installations subject to residual construction moisture. Stopgap F78 prevents the passage of construction moisture from affecting subsequent floorcovering installations. On new build projects, it allows for early installation of floor coverings in fast-track building programmes by avoiding the need to wait for flooring screeds to dry out naturally.

What’s different about it?

Unlike two-component systems, it doesn’t require mixing and the bottle can be resealed and stored for future use. It is also extremely fast drying. The first coat dries in 15-30 minutes and the second coat in around 30 minutes. 

Something you might not know about the product:

Stopgap F78 is pigmented blue to allow the user to visually control coverage uniformity.


For more information about Stopgap F78, visit the F. Ball website.