Product Focus: Styccobond F73 PLUS

We take a closer look at Styccobond F73 PLUS, F. Ball’s one-part adhesive for installing floorcoverings in the most demanding environments.

What is it? 

Styccobond F73 PLUS is a single pack, fibre-reinforced, moisture-curing heavyduty adhesive for installing a wide range of floorcoverings, including vinyl, needlepunched/fibre-bonded carpet, artifcial grass, PVC, latex, polyurethane and rubber-backed carpets and rubber, in both sheet and tile format. Once cured, it is resistant to water, oil and grease, making it suitable for outdoor, as well as indoor, use.  

Where is it used? 

The adhesive has been developed to provide the high bond strength required to hold floorcoverings in place in areas subject to high foot traffic and heavy loads, as well as surface water, making it ideal for use in entranceways. It can be trowel-applied to Stopgap smoothing compounds and sound, smooth subfloors of concrete, granolithic, sand/cement screeds and plywood. 

What’s different about it? 

Styccobond F73 PLUS is fibre-reinforced to limit lateral movement of floorcoverings when placed into the adhesive, an advantage when installing vinyl tiles or planks over large areas. 

The latest advancements in adhesives technology enabled F. Ball to create a one-part, moisture-curing alternative to polyurethane and epoxy adhesives that is also solvent and isocyanate free. 

Something you might not know about the product: 

As well as being a one-part adhesive, meaning no mixing and less waste compared to traditional options, Styccobond F73 PLUS is easier to apply and faster curing, requiring as little as 90 minutes to secure floorcoverings. The fast setting properties allow welding of sheet floorcoverings to take place in as little as two hours. 

For more information about Styccobond F73 PLUS, visit the F. Ball website.