There's nothing we enjoy more than seeing F. Ball products hard at work. Here's our favourite picks of some of your recent Tweets and Instagram posts.  

First up, our new kid on the block is making some noise.  

Have you used Stopgap 1600 yet? Let us know your thoughts!  

Here we have a tidy safety flooring installation. 


A mighty combination of products – good work!         

Next, it’s Stopgap 1200 who’s making us proud.  


An LVT dream.  

Here’s a cheeky video coming in from the East Riding of Yorkshire, via Instagram. 

We couldn’t agree more: fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. 

Smoothing continues down south for Stopgap 1200.  

A healthy result.   

We can tell you lot had a busy summer with school jobs.  

No holiday time for Styccobond F3, that’s for sure!  

Next, a domestic installation featuring Stopgap F78, Stopgap 1200 and Styccobond F48 PLUS.


Looks like a winning combination to us.   

Stopgap 1200 remains as popular as ever.  

It’ll be getting its own TV programme, at this rate.  

Here’s another Stopgap 1600 job; this one from our X (formerly Twitter) competition.  


Lovely work – keep them coming.   

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our customers for naming F. Ball the Adhesives Manufacturer of the Year at this year’s CFJ Flooring Industry Awards. 

And last year. And the year before. In fact, for the past 26 years.  


Proud of your work using F. Ball products? Send us a tweet @FBallUK or tag us on Instagram @F_balluk to have it showcased in the next #TeamFBall feature.