F. Ball reveal new primer for non-absorbent subfloors

Stopgap P141

F. Ball  has unveiled the latest addition to its range of popular primers, which is specially formulated to enhance the bond formed between the company’s floor levelling compounds and non-absorbent subfloors.

Stopgap P141 is designed to create a textured finish and provide enhanced bond performance between subfloor and levelling compound when applied over non-absorbent surfaces such as epoxy waterproof surface membranes, ceramic tiles and power floated concrete. It is particularly recommended where Stopgap 600 deep base levelling compound is applied at a thickness greater than 20mm to non-absorbent surfaces. The strong bond created when using Stopgap P141 is better able to withstand the increased stress that thicker depths of levelling compound exert when drying

F. Ball’s newest primer also boasts impressive coverage capabilities. Applied neat, using a paint roller, five litres will cover an area of up to 65 square metres, and achieving an even coverage is aided by it being pigmented yellow, to create a visual guide for contractors.

A further advantage of Stopgap P141 is its rapid-drying nature. From as little as fifteen minutes after application of the primer, subfloors are ready to receive levelling compounds.

For further information about this new product see the Stopgap P141 datasheet or call our Technical Service Department on 01538 361633.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018