NEW Stycco Flex now approved for installing PVC flooring accessories

Stycco Flex

F. Ball has launched a reformulated version of market-leading, rapid-curing, flexible adhesive, Stycco Flex, which is now also recommended for installing PVC flooring accessories, including skirting, capping and coving.

The highly versatile, hybrid tube adhesive is well known for its ability to bond almost any absorbent or non-absorbent material found in the flooring and construction industries. The high strength build-up and fast curing time means it can secure stair nosings and trims, without the need for mechanical fixings, in as little as 60 minutes. It can also be used to bond two impervious surfaces together.

The new formulation has enhanced dimensional stability and excellent plasticiser resistance – enabling 100% compatibility with PVC accessories. The high strength gain and strong bond performance of Stycco Flex restricts the movement of PVC accessories that occurs over the lifetime of an installation and with temperature change. This gives the advantage of eradicating gapping at joints – a benefit in clinical or biologically sensitive environments, ensuring there is no breeding ground for bacteria. Its solvent-free and hazard-free properties mean it is now an excellent alternative to traditional contact adhesives in such environments.

The excellent gap-filling qualities of Stycco Flex also make it ideal for installing vertical flooring accessories on rough surfaces. It can be sanded down and subsequently painted with most water-based paints. It is also water resistant, so can tolerate wet cleaning without any detriment to the bond performance.

New Stycco Flex also has improved application properties too, making it easier to gun out, and better nip-off qualities, meaning no mess and less waste. The ability to apply to vertical substrates has been improved to ensure there is no slipping or sliding when using it to bond accessories in these types of situations.

In addition to its new formulation, Stycco Flex tubes have also been redesigned with a fresh new look, in visually striking yellow tubes, which are now available from your local F. Ball distributor in 290ml cartridges.

Thursday, September 6, 2018