Temperature tolerant adhesives for vinyl installations


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) continue to grow in popularity with more ranges and imaginative designs being created by manufacturers. Naturally, specifiers and end users of the flooring expect the installed vinyl to be perfect in terms of aesthetics and long-term performance.


When selecting an adhesive to install resilient floorcoverings in settings subject to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, historically, contractors had to forgo pressure sensitive characteristics in favour of temperature tolerant ones. Fortunately, there is now a range of temperature tolerant adhesives to choose from, often with extra features, including pressure sensitive characteristics, meaning contractors benefit from the best of both.

Such products can be advantageous in environments which are subject to ‘solar gain’, including those with floor-to-ceiling windows, commonly found in offices, leisure centres and retail outlets. When exposed to extreme temperature changes, floorcoverings can be liable to expand and contract significantly which over time, leads to unsightly tenting and gapping – particularly in installations with vinyl tiles or planks.

To avoid such occurrences, temperature tolerant adhesives should be used to keep floorcoverings secure, restricting their movement and ensuring the long-lasting performance of installations.


Hybrid adhesives

Ongoing innovation has enabled manufacturers to add new features to adhesives to make them increasingly versatile, such as high-performance hybrid products which combine temperature tolerance with pressure sensitive properties.

For example, Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS is a water-based vinyl adhesive with the familiar characteristics of a pressure sensitive adhesive, which develops the extremely high bond strength and dimensional stability required to hold vinyl floorcoverings firmly in place in areas exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations (from -20°C to +60°C).

The product is a great choice for installing vinyl tiles and planks, especially when creating intricate patterns and bespoke designs that need precise alignment. Whilst providing high initial tack, the adhesive allows contractors to lift and reposition floorcoverings in the initial stages of drying.

Styccobond F49 has also been approved for installing vertical flooring accessories, such as PVC skirting, capping and coving, meaning it offers an alternative to traditional contact adhesives. However, unlike contact adhesives, the hybrid adhesive only needs to be applied to one surface and also allows for accessories to be repositioned as needed. Styccobond F49 is also resistant to water, allowing it to be used in areas subject to water and high humidity, including wet rooms.